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Our Services: 


Members receive up to 50% off of the following services:

  • Emotional Healing & Wellness Coaching 

  • Couple's/Relationship Coaching

  • Spiritual Awakening/Ascension Coaching  

  • Mental Wellness

  • Life Coaching

  • Parenting Coaching

  • Hypnotherapy  Sessions

  • ​Individual Healing Sessions & Energy Work

  • Individual Psychic Readings 

  • 1-on-1 Individual Coaching

  • We are also available as Speakers, & for Workshops, Health Fairs,  & Wellness Fairs! 

Live Master Classes! Everything listed below is offered as LIVE, interactive, weekly seminars  & master classes! 

  • Emotional Freedom Strategies

  • Thriving Relationships~ How To Consciously Create an Enlightened Relationship

    • Replays of all Master Classes are available to view in the video resource library! 

    • Activate Your Abundance

    • Conscious Parenting Series 

Video Resource Library 

  • All Live events are recorded and added to the video resource library. So you never miss an event even if you couldn't attend Live! 

  • Additional teachings and online video learning series are available on topics such as conscious parenting, love/relationships/dating, spiritual awakening, healing, self-growth, etc. You can learn, grow, and heal at your convenience with the abundance of expert teachings made available to you 24-7. 

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emotional harm or symptoms that are claimed to come from using hypnotherapy tracks, watching teaching videos, or attending live, online events,  

now or ever in the future. 

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