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Rachel Fiori M.S., OTR/L

CEO & Founder


Rachel Fiori is a Spiritual Teacher of the New Golden Age of Harmony and Expert Relationship Coach who's earned the nicknames "Spiritual Ninja" and "Relationship Oracle". Rachel is the best in the world at getting to the root cause of what’s preventing you from having the love and relationship you dream of, or of what’s destroying your current relationship. Her powerfully wise yet simple teachings clear the path, heal the blocks, and give rise to sacred relating with another. So if you’re single and looking, or looking to heal and enhance your current relationship, Rachel is the miracle-worker to show you exactly how to reach your relationship desires and goals. Her Sacred Rising Series is unprecedented and is for those who desire something deeper, more meaningful, and truly powerful when it comes to relationships.

With over 18 years of experience,  Rachel's methods are powerfully simple, effective and offer the deepest level of transformation available to people at this time on our planet. The ultimate result is living fully empowered, in pure emotional freedom and self-mastery, with the love and power to create enlightened relationships. 

Are you ready to be elevated to the highest level you can achieve in this lifetime? Are you ready to experience a love and partnership that is sacred and unbreakable? Search no more. You've found your way through Rachel. 

It’s time for people to authentically awaken and remember who they are. That means your True Self, not the conditioning, programs and patters that you've been led to

believe is you. Our relationships and experiences of suffering

show us where we remain small and where we need to love

our woundedness into transcendence, so we can live our

lives as we were meant to: as Divine Beings. This can only

happen by moving through one's Shadow Self. For it's

through the darkness that one reaches the Light. Rachel’s 

powerful teachings of Truth and Love create the framework

for people to walk this planet as a reflection of the

Light that they actually are. 

Jewels White

Jewels is a professional life coach with nine years of experience helping individuals and families transform their lives. She has also focused the past twenty years on her own healing and personal growth journey.  

Her journey of spiritual awakening started at the age of sixteen when her parents took her to a healer and spiritual coach. This shifted her life course to the path of self-healing and initiated her own psychic and healing gifts to open. In 2008 she attended Body Mind College whose school motto was “Healer, Heal Thyself”. She continues to live by this motto today. 

After starting a family in 2010 she became passionate about helping families transform and heal together. She became a certified childbirth educator (AAHCC, ICEA), and Aware Parenting Instructor as well as an Evidence Based Birth® Instructor.

Jewels found Rachel Fiori as her spiritual teacher many years ago now, and has transformed herself to the level of Master Coach. She now coaches alongside Rachel and is excited to offer this level of coaching, healing, and transformation to all members of The Masters of Self. 

***Disclaimer*** These services are not to replace medical advice. By purchasing and listening to any hypnotherapy track you are choosing to listen with

your own volition. Rachel Fiori and The Masters of Self are not responsible for in any way, shape or form, any claims of medical, physical, psychological, or

emotional harm or symptoms that are claimed to come from using hypnotherapy tracks, watching teaching videos, or attending live, online events,  

now or ever in the future. 

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