Master Coach Training

The Masters of Self Coaching Certification Program

Master Life Coach: Level I

Mental & Emotional Master

February 2021

5 Month Coaching Certification Program

To guide others into mastery, you must become a master yourself.

What you'll get:

  • Personal transformational healing at the deepest level 

  • Mastery level coaching skills

  • Train others how to permanently heal mental/ emotional/ behavioral programs & inner child wounds

  • Coach at the elite level & set yourself apart from all others

This program is a combination of digital coursework and LIVE classes. You must be able to attend the weekly LIVE sessions to be accepted into this program.***


Learn. Integrate. Become what you’re coaching. This allows you to walk the talk that you offer to your clients. Many coaches fail to grow their businesses for two main reasons: #1 They’re offering supportive tools and techniques to their clients vs transformational healing strategies, (and they don't know the difference between the two), and #2 Coaches may have learned about transformation but haven’t actually transformed themselves at the deepest levels, before trying to guide others on how to do that. 

In this program, you will move through the exact steps of transformation that you will guide your future clients through step-by-step. You will do the work on yourselves; move through the experience with expert support and guidance, and then be taught the exact coaching methods to guide others through the very process that you've completed for yourself.

You will experience your own interpersonal transformation while learning the strategies and powerful methods to teach others to experience theirs.



  • Heal old traumas and inner child wounds 

  • Heal all sabotaging programs that you run 

  • Completely transform unwanted behaviors 

  • Gain full mental clarity and optimal mental health 

  • Achieve true emotional freedom with no more stress, anxiety, or emotional pain 

  • You will gain full behavioral control and switch from reacting to responding 

  • Raise your emotional intelligence level and function from a high EQ 

  • Dissolve ALL triggers 

  • Truly master your SELF to live a fuller, happier, more abundant, stress free life 


And finally. . . .

  • You’ll be able to precisely train your future clients on how to achieve these exact same things


1.   Want to become the most highly skilled master coach so you can coach at elite levels to transform people's lives?

2.   Want to gain the skills and training to guide people through the deepest levels of transformation possible? 

3.   Want to be guided and supported through LIVE trainings and not be left on your own with digital course work? 

4.   Do you want support and ongoing mentorship AFTER you've been certified?

5.   Do you want access to a coaching business done for you? So you don't have to build a business on your own once you've earned your certification? 

If you've said YES to any of the above, contact Rachel Fiori right now to schedule a "Become a Master Life Coach" support call. She'll explain the program and answer any questions you may have. AND she'll get you started on your true purpose in life to making the BIGGEST difference in people's lives. 

Email Rachel: with the subject line: Become a Master Life Coach.

***** Email must include: your full name, phone number, & reason you want to become a Master Life Coach. *****