Catch & Release: How To Spot a

Throw Back 


Everyone is looking for love. Strong, loving, supporting bonds make us happier and healthier. However, while there might be plenty of fish in the sea, you’ve got to know if you reeled in a Catch or a Throw Back!

A cheater? That’s the SLIPPERY DICK.  Maybe you’ve got a spineless momma’s boy? Dump that JELLY FISH!
A pot-head? That’s a PUFFER FISH. Or maybe that “catch” generously shared an STD with you? You reeled in a PENIS FISH.

Maybe you know someone who tries to take another woman’s catch? Don’t tolerate BLOW FISH. Or someone who makes excuses for throw back behavior? SUCKER FISH.

“Catch & Release” doesn’t just guide you from choppy dating waters to smooth sailing. It offers personal stories from real people who have dated each type of Throw Back. You will not only be able to relate to these brave souls’ stories, but you’ll be empowered to self-reflect, stop dating Throw Backs, and get on your path to finding a wonderful partner.