Schedule of Live Master Classes 

"It is not my fault that I received the conditioning, patterns, & behaviors from my upbringing, culture, & from society. But it is 100% my responsibility to heal & transform all of it." ~Rachel Fiori 

Current LIVE Classes





How to Master Life & Love

Tuesday of Every Week: 

6:00 PM PST/9:00PM EST

  • Learn the ways to evolve to the highest levels possible in this lifetime 

  • Elevate to the next stage of heart-opening to prepare for The New Golden Age of Harmony 

  • Learn how to dissolve your triggers 

  • Transform your mental, emotional, & behavioral programming 

  • Raise your emotional IQ

  • Increase your capacity to live closer to the level of Oneness with all 

  • Get guidance to rise up to your next level of evolution & consciousness 

  • Join a group of incredibly loving, wise, nonjudgmental, & supportive people that are here to create more peace, love & joy together on this planet!


Thriving Relationships


2nd & 4th Thursday of every month,

6:00 PM PST; 9:00 PM EST 

  • Whether you're single, committed, or married, it's time to shift into thriving in our relationships by creating a Conscious connection, deep intimacy & bonds that can't be broken.

  • This series clears up the myths about relationships, dissolves conflicts, heals self/relationship sabotage, eliminates fears, & removes all struggle. 

  • Want clarity?

  • Want trust?

  • Want peace & harmony?

  • Want to be fully supported?

  • Join our community & attend our Thriving Relationships group! 




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