Unity Is The Gateway To A New Earth ~A Channeled Transmission~

This is the era of Unity. Unity leads to eventual Oneness. If you are not dismantling the 3D paradigm of individualism, then you will not experience the level of success and/or abundance that you are wishing for. Many people are still running 3D patterns and therefore continuing to create the 3D paradigms. They are either experiencing a lot of suffering, OR they are experiencing what they believe to be much “success”. Maybe you’re playing the role of teacher, coach or healer. The problem is you’re still a 3D teacher for 3D people and patterns and yet you’re believing you’re 4 or 5D when you’re not. 3D people need your guidance. But what you don’t realize is that, while you continue to run patterns of the old 3D paradigm, you are anchoring yourselves into the old Earth; into a 3D reality where you’ll continue to live out your lives with all of the 3D rules.

And as this continues it will feel more and more like moving through quicksand. If you still focus on individualism; on your own success; on your own abundance; on how many followers you have or clients or on audiences that sing your praises, then you are still functioning in a 3D world. If you feel special for the “gifts” you have, then you are anchoring yourself in the egoic, 3D old earth. Only those that are authentically creating and moving into Unity with one another will experience the level of abundance that can be experienced through the vibrational frequencies of selflessness and devotion to Divine Truth. Only those that walk the path of Truth will experience the New Earth that is being created. It is not true that everyone is ascending. No they absolutely are not. Many of those that speak of ascension and convince others they are teachers of ascension and spirituality are being guided by forces that are not of the light. Those forces are in existence in 3D. They have no ability to evolve or ascend into 4 or 5D. Their vibrational frequencies cannot resonate on 4D or 5D Earth. So they stay stuck to live out their experiences in a loop on the 3D dimensional plane. The only way to release yourself from 3D paradigms and the effects of 3D manifestations, is to walk the path of Divine Truth. You must learn what it authentically means to love your shadow self into the light. Only those of a higher vibrational match to 4 or 5D will “travel” there. Those that experience “ascension symptoms” but aren’t authentically doing the real work to raise their level of Consciousness are not moving out of 3D. They are experiencing symptoms of their physical bodies changing so they don’t explode or breakdown to the point of fast deterioration (leading to physical death of the body). When you’re “neighbor” in 4D is physically sharing a close proximity to you, your 3D vibration cannot handle it. So your physical cells must change so that what’s going on in the neighboring dimension of 4 (and eventually) 5D won’t adversely cause your physical destruction. That should clear up the confusion about “ascension” symptoms and the misunderstood and incorrect belief that “everyone ascends”. I must reiterate, NO THEY ARE NOT. Raising your level of Consciousness is a CHOICE. It is a path that one must walk and be willing and devoted to. This is the path of Truth. Those not willing to embrace Truth, live Truth, heal themselves and

their patterns into the Beingness of Truth do not ascend. You can’t watch marathons, triathlons or crossfit on TV and then call yourself an athlete who is capable of doing those things. Just like you cannot call yourself a Conscious, awakened Being when you’re still running in the loops and wheels of karma; of believing in separation; of creating hate, inequality, duality, sexism, prejudices, racism, etc. Just because you’re spiritual doesn’t mean you’re Conscious. Just because you’re psychic, or a healer does not mean you are Conscious. Spirituality is not Consciousness. Spirituality can lead you to consciously awakening, but so can suffering. But suffering doesn’t mean you’re learning your lessons or are authentically awakening, and neither do spiritual practices. All of these misunderstandings are lessons to be learned and are created on the 3D plane of existence.

MEN: All toxic, unconscious masculine patterns that have been manifested and perpetuated for thousands of years need to be transcended. No more excuses. No more delays in doing your work. It’s time to do the real work to heal this planet and your part in healing the unconscious male patterns that have taken over the world for centuries is yours and yours alone. ANY aspect of you that continue to run these ugly, toxic, unconscious patterns anchors you to 3D. They hold you back and prevent you from moving forward to a New Earth where you can live out your true mission and experience what has been referred to as “Heaven on Earth”. If you are male in this lifetime, you chose to be a man in order to

dismantle the old toxic male paradigm. This means healing and transcending lust and anger. Those are the two most prominent things that keep men from truly awakening. Many of those that have been able to heal and transcend anger (violence, aggression), very successfully haven’t been able to transcend lust. This is the single most protuberant thing that holds the masculine from authentic Conscious Evolution. And yes, this is your mission. There are many ways that each person can choose to do this through various “career paths”. But make no mistake, if your soul chose to be a man in this lifetime, this IS your mission. You have chosen a great mission and nothing else that you do means anything if you are not in some way healing this within yourself, and guiding others in the collective to do the same.

WOMEN: You have centuries of healing and forgiveness to achieve in this one lifetime. Man cannot achieve his mission without the Divine Feminine. And most of you continue to play out victim consciousness as well as succumbing to patterns of weakness and inferiority. You pretend to embrace “sisterhood” but instead run the toxic female patterns of competing against one another, and falling into the toxic male patterns of lust and sexual objectification of yourselves and others. If your soul chose to be a woman in this lifetime you chose one hell of a difficult mission. Not only do you need to shift into healing and forgiveness on all levels, but you need to embrace and love the masculine in order to create the space that he needs

to transcend. Masculine energy has been too distorted for far too long to heal and raise its level of consciousness on its own. It needs the divine feminine. Too many women have made the mistake of cutting off the masculine because she no longer trusts the masculine. She embarks on a sole journey that excludes the masculine. And yet she yearns for it deep within her. Your mistake is settling for toxic masculine, therefore perpetuating it in our realities; instead of healing your shadow self and awakening to your Divine True Self, that holds the space for the masculine to step into Seeing, Healing, Truth, and Expansion for himself, and then as a result, for you. Most of you also refuse and suppress your genuine femnine energy and wear the mask of a patriarch. Simply put, you live and breathe masculine energy and are therefore are extremely imbalanced with your masculine/feminine within yourself. This is also a survival technique that you have developed to survive in an unbalanced world of extreme patriarchy. This in and of itself participates in the suppression of the feminine, within yourself and therefore within the collective.

When we are unbalanced and unhealed within ourselves, we manifest inequality, duality, and polarity; fighting, wars, victim consciousness, and victimizers into the collective experience. This is why healing, changing, transforming what we see “out there” does not actually exist. The realities “out there” in the world are manifestations of the imbalanced, unhealed individual. That means YOU. If you want to see equality, fairness, peace, love, teamwork, unity, etc. out there, you must do the work “in here”, within you. For “out there” is a reflection of YOU. Unless you awaken to this Truth, our planet and everything on it will continue to deteriorate and be destroyed until we have no planet to live on. And all the 3D individualistic, patriarchal paradigm that continues to be manifested through the greed and coveting of money and power will leave you in the end with a surprising revelation: that nothing will be left on this planet to purchase or to rule over. And once that happens it will be too late to change this manifested reality from fact to fiction.

It’s time to wake up to the fact that you are the key to change. You hold the power to create “heaven on earth” by embracing your shadow self and healing yourself. That’s it. That’s what it requires. There is no positive bullshit -faking- your -way through this. Pretending to be positive is a mask to hide behind when our world is in the state that it’s in. The more you deny doing what you’re here to achieve: to HEAL YOURSELF and raise your level of consciousness so the planet and everything on it can organically be healed as a result of your self healing, the more you contribute to everything on the planet that is less than loving. The more you stick your head in the sand to this Truth, the more you perpetuate the

darkness on this planet. Stop hating and start loving everything and everyone. Love yourself into the light. Love your darkness into the light. Love everyone else’s darkness so their darkness can be illuminated, brought into the light, and healed. This is your mission. Nothing else that you do in this lifetime means anything or matters at all unless you are in some way doing this. It is time for humanity to rise and step into the Divinity that each individual and as a collective is meant to be achieved. It’s time to remember who you Truly are and live and create our world from the Beingness of your True Self.

Rachel Fiori M.S., OTR/L

Spiritual Teacher & Self-Mastery Coach

The Masters of Self

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