Stop Pretending To Be Spiritual When You’re Actually Being Lazy!

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

You're not here to live a life of ease and perfection. Your soul has chosen to come into your body so you can experience a life of exploration, of inspiration and aspiration; of growth through challenge; of failures so you can learn authentic gratitude for your success. Life is never meant to be so easy that you develop laziness or become sloth-like. The most extraordinary people throughout history didn't have those achievements by sitting on their asses being lazy, wishing, praying, or meditating their way to success and accomplishment. Although meditation, prayer and visualization are fantastic tools that can be used to enhance progress, (and I highly recommend doing those things by the way), but it takes your willingness, your devotion and your everyday effort to achieve the things that you desire. You can't run a successful business if everyone in the company stays at home meditating all day long. You have to actually work. You can't run a marathon if you never get off the couch and go for runs. You don't make it to the NBA by never showing up for practice. If you're not willing to put the time, the effort and the devotion into achieving your goals then you are nothing more than a dreamer with lazy tendencies, or you could be self-entitled or you just may be willing to settle for a mediocre life at best.

This positivity paradigm that has become so popular in recent years has been widely misunderstood in my opinion. Thoughts do become things. Emotions and visualizations become reality. But the collective has mistook this for believing that they don’t actually have to put forth effort and work.

A friend of mine who functions at a pretty high level of consciousness demonstrates this misunderstanding to me daily. He sits idly by; being ‘present with what is’; he meditates, does yoga; sits in gratitude with life; has no chronic addiction to thinking like most people do; and yet he sits in poverty completely wasting his gifts that he’s here to share with people. He takes absolutely no action or puts forth any effort at developing his coaching business. He doesn’t blog. He has no podcast. He has no social media presence. He does nothing but meditate and praise God. This is NOT how you create an abundant reality.

Sitting around and demonstrating this type of laziness masked as the spiritual concept of “just be

present and the Universe will bring things to you” isn’t just a misunderstood concept, it’s downright laziness. The Universe reflects back and gives you what you are. So if you’re sitting around making no effort, being passive, the Universe is going to give you passivity as well; by doing ‘nothing’ the same way you are doing nothing. This is being reflected back to this person by his 10+ year poverty streak and zero clients even though he is “a coach”.

The other extreme is just as unhealthy and self-sabotaging. The limiting belief that you have to work so excessively that you barely sleep, you jeopardize your health, you have no balance in life, and you rarely spend any time with loved ones or have no time to spend on doing things that previously brought you joy; and the limiting belief that you don't deserve money, success, or abundance unless you kill yourself to earn it is not only dysfunctional but it actually has a chronic negative impact on your health. This work until you drop so that you can prove your worth to others needs to be thrown out the window along with the passivity approach.

Let’s get this straightened out, shall we? Simply put: create the balance between 1) putting forth the effort, actually working, and showing devotion and commitment towards the goals and dreams you wish to achieve, and 2) the level of trust and faith in the universe that it will happen. Visualize, meditate, pray, speak as though it’s already happened. But then follow through with consistent, ongoing action-steps to make your dreams manifest for you. You are a co-creator with the Divine Universe. CO-CREATOR. That means you’re both WORKING together to manifest your reality. Whatever effort, and devotion you put into manifesting your dreams into reality, the Universe will at minimum, match your effort. After all, I didn't create this website or write this blog by visualizing it. I actually sat my ass down and devoted myself: my time, my energy; I took action... I WORKED to create all of this that you get to benefit from.

I've also spent the past 24 years of my life studying, earning degrees and gaining the high level of expertise that I need to bring my clients and members this level of elite coaching that I am qualified to provide. I didn't earn a bachelors, a masters degree, and countless certifications by 'setting intentions' and simply meditating on things. Of course I DID THAT TOO! But if that's all I ever did, I would only be living this lifetime as a dreamer. I wouldn't have the education, training and experience to have become an expert in the field of coaching. I followed up my energetic intentions, visualizations, and meditations with ACTION and hard work. I showed devotion to achieving my goals through effort and perseverance. I showed up as a willing and devoted participant, and the Universe did too as my co-creator.

Some of you need to learn to slow down, do less and enjoy a more balanced life. But some of you need a kick in the ass to get out of the energy of laziness hiding behind the facade of spiritual presence. They are not one and the same. If you’re not following up your intentions and visualizations with appropriately guided, intuitive action, then I’m talking to you. After all, this is one way to Master Your Self.

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~Rachel Fiori

The Masters of Self

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