One of the biggest relationship mistakes that nearly EVERYONE makes, is that you seek to get all of YOUR needs met by your partner. This type of relationship is selfish, is all about control and traps us to a level of suffering. 

A relationship that is evolving to the level of unconditional love, is one where your focus is on meeting the needs of your partner. Period. End. Until you can learn to release the 10,000 year bind humanity has been in regarding relationships; which consist of selfishness, where you’re looking for someone outside of yourself to meet your needs and make you happy, you will continue to poison and sabotage your relationships.

There is a reason why the divorce rate remains at over 50%, over 67% for second marriages and 74% or higher for third marriages. Relationships are here to show you absolutely everything about yourself that needs to be seen, healed, and transformed for you to shift into a being of selfless love. Only those who are resistant to seeing and owning their shadow selves, and who are resistant to growing out of unloving

patterns, are the ones who fail at and continue to suffer in relationships. Those who are open and willing to learn, grow and apply relationship tools that are centered around creating selfless love, are the ones who will reap the benefits of what real love actually is. There is NO SUCH THING as meeting ‘the one’ and living happily ever after. There is only meeting ‘the one’ and choosing to finally do the work that it takes to evolve yourself and transcend the ugliness of thousands of years of toxic male and toxic female conditioning. 

Well, I'm here to help with all of this. This is part of my personal mission. We no longer need to live with painful relationship experiences. They are literally not necessary. But it takes the willingness to evolve yourself into a more magnificent human being and choosing to no longer settle for being love-poor. We live in a world that is love-poor. That will never change until you choose to become prosperous in love within yourself. It begins and ends with you. 

So what are you waiting for? Let’s take the first steps to accessing your love-prosperity. Contact me and I’ll guide you through the first steps. Email me now at, OR become a member of The Masters of Self and start your internal shift to love by accessing our video resource library and attending our weekly live workshops. 

With abundant love,


-The Masters of Self 

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