Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Valentine's Day is right around the corner. This can be a really fun, romantic day to celebrate the person you love. But what if you're going through a hard time financially? What if you feel like you can't even afford to buy a card let alone take your special someone out for a romantic dinner? Instead of stressing about your lack of economic means, focus on your significant other and making them feel special. You can do so many things that don’t cost money to remind your partner how much you love them!

Remember when you were a kid? You didn’t go out and buy cards on holidays. You made them! And the chances that your parents still have some of those cards to this day are pretty high. And it’s NOT because your art skills was genius at age six. It’s because you poured your heart into that card at the time you created it. So grab some paper out of the printer and get to making a card! Write a heartfelt love letter. Find a red pen or some crayons in the house and add those hearts and xoxoxo’s to it. The fact that you took the time is what is so romantic about this. Also, you have to eat dinner that night whether it’s Valentine’s Day or not. So if you can’t go out, or order out, don’t sweat it! Cook dinner together but get dressed up. Put some music on and dance together after dinner. You just had dinner and dancing together on Valentine’s Day. If you have children have them join in on the fun. They can even use construction paper or color special decorations for this special evening. It will teach them that money doesn’t buy happiness and that thoughtfulness and effort in our relationships with others is priceless.

Other options are packing your favorite snacks and going on a picnic together. Take a scenic drive and stop at a lookout point and make out. (Yeah I said make out. Affection like this that doesn’t immediately lead to sex builds emotional intimacy and your bond with one another). Another idea: some of you can surprise your partner at work and take your lunch break together.

You get the idea here. You need to tap into your creativity and put the effort in. It’s not the money that makes you a great partner. It’s the effort you selflessly put into your partner and your relationship that makes your partner love you and be devoted to you and only you. And if you’re living in a situation where your finances stress you out, this is the time to shine; to step up and be a selfless, thoughtful partner. After all it’s not the easy times in life that show what you’re made of as a partner. It’s the hard times that show if you’re someone who’s worth sticking around for.

So, just because you may not be in a position to drop hundreds of dollars on dinner, flowers, a card, and chocolates, doesn’t mean you can’t show your lover just how much they mean to you. There are a million ways to show up as a magnificent partner without breaking the bank, or even spending money at all. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

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Rachel Fiori

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