Our Story

The Masters of Self is a group of heart-centered, Conscious Coaches who are experts in mental, emotional, spiritual, relationship health and well-being. 

Healing, learning, growing, and evolving IS A WAY OF LIFE not a 6-week course. 


You don’t quit going to the gym because after 6 weeks you’re in shape and now never have to work out again. You need to focus on health and fitness for the rest of your life. Emotional, mental, spiritual, and relationship fitness IS NO DIFFERENT. And in fact, they are even MORE important because emotional, mental, spiritual, and relationship health directly effect our physical health, (whether you go to the gym or not!) .


You also need to heal your unhealed stuff and continue to grow for the rest of your life. And that process shouldn’t be equivalent to what someone paid for a college, masters or doctorate degree. It should be like a gym membership. It should be accessible and affordable to anyone.


Emotional, mental, spiritual and relationship health should also be ONGOING because everyone heals, learns, transforms, and grows at their own pace, on their own timeline. You're not earning a four-year degree. You're earning masterful tools and skills for a lifetime.


Ongoing teachings. Ongoing support. LIVE weekly coaching from experts (actual in-person, in-the-moment guidance!). Group coaching platforms. Digital replays for convenience. Classes, topics, help and support customized FOR YOU. 


Powerful Tools THAT WORK


Actual Transformation

Deep Rooted Healing

Emotional Freedom 

No More Stress or Anxiety

Heal & Enhance Your Relationship 

Heal Old Traumas

Experience True Peace 

Clear Blocks

Activate Your Abundance 

Find & Get on Track w/ Your Purpose & Mission 

And so much more.... 



 All four of your bodies, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical receive upgrades and healing as a result of doing the work that is offered through The Masters of Self. The ultimate result is raising one's level of Consciousness, true emotional freedom, and aligning with and prospering from your individual mission. 


As a Masters of Self member, you will receive weekly live seminars & group coaching, live Q&A sessions customized for YOU, huge discounts with one-on-one or couple’s coaching, & an abundant video resource library. With an abundance of trainings, 24-7 online access to replays, as well as weekly live events, you are set up for absolute success to finally master your life, relationships, spiritual growth, finances, & more; all while shifting into the heart-centered being that your higher soul is challenging you to become. 

***Disclaimer*** These services are not to replace medical advice. By purchasing and listening to any hypnotherapy track you are choosing to listen with

your own volition. Rachel Fiori and The Masters of Self are not responsible for in any way, shape or form, any claims of medical, physical, psychological, or

emotional harm or symptoms that are claimed to come from using hypnotherapy tracks, watching teaching videos, or attending live, online events,  

now or ever in the future. 

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