Our mission is to raise the level of Consciousness of 1 billion people. 

Raising Consciousness equates to: healing, ending suffering, equality, peace, unity, loving relationships, thriving businesses that function in integrity, the end of violence & aggression, the end of separation in all of its forms, increasing self-worth, & embracing self-love.

It's our time to heal, truly awaken & create a world based on love.

***Disclaimer*** These services are not to replace medical advice. By purchasing and listening to any hypnotherapy track you are choosing to listen with

your own volition. Rachel Fiori and The Masters of Self are not responsible for in any way, shape or form, any claims of medical, physical, psychological, or

emotional harm or symptoms that are claimed to come from using hypnotherapy tracks, watching teaching videos, or attending live, online events,  

now or ever in the future. 

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