To Heal & Reprogram

Your Subconscious Mind

To Create The Life You Desire

These hypnotherapy tracks are specifically designed to be used only as you go to sleep. It is sleep induced, subconscious healing and reprogramming of the limiting beliefs, fears, blocks, self-fulfilling distortions, lack and negativity that are preventing you from experiencing and having what you desire. This is designed to change what you carry in your subconscious mind that prevents you from having wealth and abundance, love, health and perfect weight, freedom from stress and worry, or from aligning and fulfilling your purpose. 

***Never listen while driving or operating machinery of any kind! This is ONLY to be used when you go to sleep.***


Listen to this every single night as you go to sleep for 30 CONSECUTIVE DAYS. After 30 days, you can listen to it up to 3x week for another 60 days to reinforce the new, abundant programming in your subconscious mind, helping it to become a permanent part of how your mind now thinks and manifests.

It takes an average of three months to change old subconscious patterns and programming,

so stick with it and be consistent for best results. 

Hypnosis for Child Birthing:
Reduce Fear, Anxiety, & Pain During Childbirth 
Hypnosis to Create Wealth, Prosperity, & Abundance
Hypnosis to Heal & Enhance Your Relationship to the Highest Level of Love
Hypnosis to Heal Stress, Anxiety, & the Symptoms of Depression & PTSD
Hypnosis to Align You With Your Purpose & Ignite Career Success
Hypnosis for Strong Physical Health & to Heal Your Body