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What is The Masters of Self?

The Masters of Self is an elite level coaching association that trains individuals, couples, and certifies coaches on how to master life and love. Becoming a member of the Masters of Self, gives you access to LIVE weekly master classes, LIVE group coaching, a video resource library, & instant access to the replays of all LIVE classes. 

Rachel Fiori MSOT is a Mystical Therapist, Psychic-intuitive, & Spiritual Teacher of Truth, trains individuals and certifies coaches on how to master life and love. She utilizes the Fiori Transformation Framework ™ to guide people to their human-spirit integration point,™ which is the access point where self-transformation and healing are activated. This is where people and couples can let go of painful mental, emotional, behavioral, and inner child programs, and are guided through self-realization so they can be free from suffering, create sacred relationships, and fulfill their life's potential. 


For over 23 years, Rachel has empowered individuals, couples, and coaches across the world to reach a level of mastery in their lives. With a Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy, (specializing in mental, emotional, & behavioral health), and a BA in Business/Corporate Communications, a certified Coach, a Psychic-Intuitive, and as a Mystical-Teacher of Truth, she provides the practical and spiritual tools that effectively create a high EQ, harmonious relationships, emotional resilience, and self-actualization. Through her online trainings, coaching certification school, books, and leadership, she empowers you to successfully live as the highest version of yourself that you can achieve: a true walking master in life and love.

Rachel is the CEO of Masters of Self University, and the creator of: Level-I Mystical Life Coach Certification (Mental & Emotional Master), Level-II Mystical Relationship Coach Certification; Level-III Mystical Parenting Coach Certification, and the Mystical Therapist Advanced Certification; Sacred Masculine Rising: Dating Series, and the breakthrough emotional intelligence training “How to Raise Your Emotional IQ." 

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